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Question 1.1. (TCO 1) According to Virtue Ethics, the key to good ethics lies in (Points : 3)consequences.character.duty.utility.Question 2.2. (TCOs 1 and 2) Labor unions may give (Points : 3)unlimited campaign funds directly to candidates.unlimited funds to political action committees (PACs).unlimited funds directly to political parties.All of the aboveQuestion 3.3. (TCO 2) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that (Points : 3)corporate executive must personally certify the accuracy of their financial reports.appoint trusted accounting firms to oversee the accuracy of their financial reports.rely solely on established internal controls to ensure the accuracy of financial reports.are not responsible for the accuracy of financial reports.Question 4.4. (TCO 1) Venue concerns (Points : 3)jurisdictional authority.standing to sue.the proper geographic location for the case.All of the aboveQuestion 5.5. (TCO 1) AXXXXXruling found a law restricting the sale or rental of violent video games to minors (Points : 3)unconstitutional as a restriction of free speech.constitutional under the police power of the state.unconstitutional because it contained vile words.constitutional as an exception to First Amendment protection.Question 6.6. (TCO 5) Unforeseen events that make fulfillment of a contract exorbitantly expensive or thoroughly impractical (Points : 3)discharges performance by operation of law.excuses nonperformance of the contract.discharges performance by agreement.can never excuse nonperformance of the contract.Question 7.7. (TCO 3) A possible defense to a charge of negligence is (are) (Points : 3)strict liability.causation.assumption of risk.All of the aboveQuestion 8.8. (TCO 8) The majority of business entities are (Points : 3)sole liability partnerships.Question 9.9. (TCO 5) Which of the following type of damages is normally not available in a contract case? (Points : 3)Consequential damagesCompensatory damagesPunitive damagesNominal damagesQuestion 10.10. (TCO 3) Negligence claims involving design defects generally follow which type of analysis? (Points : 3)Caveat emptorAssumption of riskRes ipsa loquiturRisk-utility test/consumer expectationsQuestion 11.11. (TCO 10) Overtime pay must be paid to (Points : 5)anyone who works more than 40 hours per week.bona fide management personnel who work more than 40 hours per week.nonexempt at-will employees who work more than 40 hours per week.independent contractors who work more than 40 hours per week.Question 12.12. (TCO 10) Grate Potato Company requires its workers to speak English only during work hours while they are on the job (does not extend to lunch time or breaks). Johann, whose primary language is not English, sues, claiming ethnic discrimination. Which of the following is a possible defense for Grate Potato’s language requirement? (Points : 5)Johann’s native language makes other workers uncomfortable.Johann is a U.S. citizen and therefore is not in a protected class.Only Spanish-speaking employees are protected from this type of discriminatory rule.The rule is narrowly defined and required by business necessity.Question 13.13. (TCO 4) The term fee simple describes (Points : 5)the right to freely sell your land, or leave your interests to your heirs, or give your land away by gift, if you so choose.a leasehold.a warranty deed.the Rule in Shelley’s Case.Question 14.14. (TCO 10) Johnson was a faithful employee of the Trench Corporation. He had worked there for more than 25 years. Johnson was an at-will employee. He had received a number of promotions and had never had a less than excellent job performance rating. His youngest child had just entered college and Johnson was counting on his income to include his son through school. Trench downsized, and Johnson was laid off. “My manager knows darned well that I need this job for the next few years,” Johnson complains. “It’s downright unfair.” Which of the following judicial limitations on at-will employment can Johnson rely on if he sues his employer for wrongful termination? (Points : 5)An implied employment contractAn implied covenant of good faith and fair dealingPublic policyNone of the above

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