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Week 2Workbook Activity II: Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness CriteriaInstructions· Go to page 84 in your text.· Review Chapter 2 Workbook: Identifying Company Strategies and Effectiveness Criteria.· Follow the directions in the workbook.· Answer questions 1 through 3 associated with this workbook on page 84.· Place your work in the Dropbox.Case Analysis I: Aquarius Advertising AgencyInstructions · Read the case for analysis: Aquarius Advertising Agency on Page 138-140 in your text.· After reading the case study answer the following questions:o Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size and technology of Aquarius?o Design a new organization structure that takes into consideration the contextual variables in the case and the information flows.· Would a matrix structure be feasible for Aquarius? Why or why not?

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