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Read and review page 463 in your textbook and post your responses to questions 7, 9 and 10. Next, go to page 513 and post your responses to questions 4 and 9.7. Of the five elements in Exhibit 11.3 required for successful change, which element do you think managers are most likely to overlook? Discuss. 9. The manager of R&D for a drug company said that only 5 percent of the company’s new products ever achieve market success. She also said the industry average is 10 percent and wondered how her organization might increase its success rate. If you were acting as a consultant, what advice would you give her about designing organization structure to improve market success?10. Examine the change curve illustrated in Exhibit 11.8 and the five techniques for overcoming resistance to change discussed at the end of the chapter. Describe at which point along the change curve managers could use each of the five techniques to successfully implement a major change.4. The Carnegie model emphasizes the need for a political coalition in the decision making process. When and why are coalitions necessary?9. Can you think of a decision you have made in your personal, school, or work life that reflects a stronger desire to avoid a loss than to make a gain? How about a time when you stayed with an idea or project for too long, perhaps even escalating your commitment, to avoid a failure? Discuss.

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