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Course Project Budget Proposal TemplateNEED week 1-5Papa Geo’s RestaurantBudget ProposalFor[5 Years]Table of ContentsSectionTitleSubsectionTitlePage Number1.0Executive summary2.0Sales Forecast2.1Sales Forecast2.2Methods and Assumptions3.0Capital Expenditure Budget4.0Investment Analysis4.1Cash flows4.2NPV Analysis4.3Rate of Return Calculations4.4Payback Period Calculations5.0Pro Forma Financial Statements5.1Pro Forma Income Statement5.2Pro-Forma Cash flow Statement5.3Pro-Forma Balance Sheets6.0Works Cited7.0Appendices7.1Appendix 1: [description]7.2Appendix 2:[description] etc[Please put page numbers in the last column of the table of contents above, as they apply to your finished assignment. Do this after your project is complete. Also, remove this text and all text that is in italics in this template when finished your project.][Also, please submit your Excel Spreadsheet which shows your supporting calculations]1.0 Executive SummaryThe first paragraph of this executive summary should give a brief description of the business to which this budget applies.Very brieflydescribe the products and services of this company, the geographical or demographics of the customers it serves, and why people purchase the main product of this business. Much or all of this will be found in the Business Profile provided to you. Please use your own words, and please do not simply copy and paste the explanation in the course materials. Make assumptions if necessary.Also, provide a second paragraph which describeshow the budget supports the company’s strategy.Finally, provide a third paragraph where you summarize the key points from your budget, including the planning horizon, the amount of up-front investment, the NPV, Payback and IRR of the project, as well as key figures from your income statement, cashflow statement, and balance sheet.Remember, this is not a thesis or introduction of what you will talk about – it contains the major, specific content of each section. The second and third paragraph should be written after you have completed all other sections of this template.As you complete sections of this template, please remove all italicized text in all sections of this template and replace it with your own or you will lose points!2.0 Sales ForecastBriefly introduce the sales forecast section.2.1Sales ForecastHere you should include a simple table showing the years and the total sales for each year, along with a brief explanation of why sales are expected to rise, fall, change, or stay the same in certain years. Provide a brief explanation of the sales forecast, indicating why you expect sales to rise or fall during the planning horizon. Your explanation should be consistent with the trends and changes in sales found in your table:Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Sales2.2Methods and AssumptionsHere you should describe how you arrived at your sales forecast in section 2.1. You should also provide any detailed calculations that led you to the sales forecast values. You should also summarize any research or figures that led you to make this sales forecast.3.0 Capital Expenditure BudgetHere you should provide a screenshot of your capital expenditure budget, also listing the sources of data and assumptions that led to each line item in table format. Briefly describe the total investment and, if necessary, why major items are necessary to achieve the company’s strategy.4.0 Investment AnalysisBriefly describe theNVP, IRR, accounting rate of return, and payback period for this analysis. Indicate the discount rate you used, and how you arrived at it.4.1CashflowsProvide an excel spreadsheet screenshot that shows how you arrive at the net cashflows for each period in your planning horizon and describe its highlights.4.2NPV AnalysisProvide a screen shot of your Excel NPV Analysis here, and describe its highlights.4.3Rate of ReturnProvide a screen shot of your IRR and Accounting Rate of Return calculations here, and explain the highlights.4.4Payback PeriodProvide a screen shot of your Excel calculation of the payback period for this venture.5.0 Pro-Forma Financial StatementsBriefly introduce this section here.5.1Pro-Forma Income StatementDescribe key figures and assumptions from the income statement, such as important profit or sales figures and their causes. Also, provide a screen shot of your pro-forma income statement.5.2Pro-Forma Cash Flow StatementProvide a screen shot of the cashflow statement and describe the impact of the budget on cash balances.5.3Pro-FormaBalance SheetsProvide a screen shot of your balance sheets, and describe key figures they contain.6.0 Works CitedList any sources you cited in the body of your report.7.0 AppendicesNOTE: Start this section at the top of a new page.This section of the budget proposal is where you’ll attach all of the supporting materials that you’ve referenced in the preparation of your plan, and that is too detailed or extensive to be included in the body of the report. Use this page to separate the appendices from the text in the body of your report. Make certain that you update the table of contents to include the title of each exhibit in the appendix and its page number.7.1 Appendix 1: [put a description here]7.2 Appendix 1: [put a description here]7.3 Appendix 1: [put a description here]

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