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Assignment 2 – Domestic Environment

Starting with this assignment and
going forward, you will be researching the company your Instructor
approved in Assignment 1. Choose a company from Fortune 500’s
Worst List (
and complete the following:

Identify the company, the industry
it operates in, and its Domestic Environment (home country) (for instance, US
Air operates in the Airline industry and its home country/domestic environment
is the USA).
Choose an attribute from their table
and then click the Least Admired tab.
Summarize the company’s industry,
how long they have been in business, and the attribute they are the least
admired for.
Identify a business theorist and
their theory.
Investigate the government
regulations associated with the industry (for instance, government regulations
for the Airline industry).
How will the domestic government
regulations affect your chosen company in its domestic environment?
What can you do to overcome these
regulations? Incorporate your business theorist here. It is not sufficient to
state nothing or that you would do what the company is already doing. You must
provide some critical thought (see resources).
Research requirement: minimum 2
sources PLUS the text.
Page requirement: 2 pages in APA
10. Assignment MUST be
submitted to and here (see forum for more important
11. NOTE: Items 1-4 should not
exceed 2 paragraphs (100 words each paragraph).

LO – 2 – Given a company, the
student will determine how government regulations affect the company and how to
overcome barriers within the Domestic Environment using business theory.

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