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Short essay questionsQuestion 1 of 1010.0 PointsExplain globalization. Include the pros and cons of globalization and provide examples to support what you identify as pros and cons.Question 2 of 1010.0 PointsIdentify and explain two of the challenges of globalization for the 21st century?Question 3 of 1010.0 PointsIn the World Trade at Risk policy brief by C. Fred Bergsten, he identified the main issue to be the impact of the House move on overall US trade policy the global trading regime. Why does he identify this as the main issue of the House decision? Do you agree? Why or why not?Question 4 of 1010.0 PointsIdentify and explain at least two of the benefits of globalization, based on your readings.uestion 5 of 1010.0 PointsWhy do nations trade?Question 6 of 1010.0 PointsIdentify one economic integration (such as EU, EEA, EFTA, CUBKR, etc.) and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.Question 7 of 1010.0 PointsExplain the difference between exporting and importing. What are the promises and risks of each?Question 8 of 1010.0 PointsAccording to globalization 101, governments have traditionally tried to manage trade flows in two basic ways. Identify and explain the two ways identifiedQuestion 9 of 1010.0 PointsDescribe the consequences of trade restrictions.Question 10 of 1010.0 PointsWhat is your opinion of globalization? Has it improved society or made things worse? Why?

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