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Week 3Case Analysis II: The Paradoxical TwinsInstructions • Read the case for analysis: The Paradoxical Twins: Acme and Omega Electronics which starts on page 177 in your text.• After reading the case study answer the following questions:o Discuss the goals at Acme and Omega. Your discussion should also include what impact do top managers have on these goals and can these goals be achieved with different strategies?o State which company you believe produces more efficiently and then discuss if you believe their level of performance was due to the goals chosen by top management. Defend your position.o How can Omega’s success be explained? Prepare an argument as to why you believe Omega should be awarded the final contract. Your objective is to convince the stakeholders that Omega is the most logical choice.o Which organization was more effective at developing the prototype and meeting the deadlines? Was its level of effectiveness due to the goals chosen by top management?o Predict which organization will get the final contract. Why?o How can Acme’s success be explained? Did Acme’s goals seem more appropriate? Did stakeholder satisfaction play a role?

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