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Corporate social responsibility
Case Study #3: The Dannon Company

Review the Dannon Company case study in the Resources folder.

At the end of 2009, The Dannon Company was considering proactively
communicating its CSR efforts to consumers. With the strong connection between
Dannon’s production of health foods and its commitment to health- and
nutrition-based CSR activities, making consumers aware of these efforts could
enhance the company’s success, but risked tainting its deeply ingrained CSR as
a marketing ploy. Dannon wanted to maintain its holistic approach to social
responsibility and commitment to social values. The challenge of CSR to Dannon
and to many other companies is making the programs they develop strategic and
communicating their authentic commitment in a sincere way.

In this case study analysis, you are to address the following, utilizing the
headings below in the body of the paper. You must cite all facts from the case
study itself. In addition to citing from the case study, you must also cite at
least two other resources. Suggested assignment length (not including cover
page and reference page): 6–8 pages.
Introduction? Provide a synopsisof the company and the case. To
Communicate or Not to Communicate?
? Discuss whether or not Dannon should start to
proactively communicate to consumers its CSR initiatives. Discuss the benefits
and risks that Dannon would face. Analyze the implications for Dannon’s current CSR
initiatives. Impact of a Corporate Parent
? Discuss the impact that havinga corporate parent plays in
Dannon’s decision about whether to externally communicate its CSR programs.
Discuss the risks and benefits of having a corporate parent and how this
impacts Dannon’s communication plans. The Communication Strategy
? Design a focus and communication strategy for Dannon’s CSR campaign
to its consumers. Support your decisions with research. Conclusion
in 2–3 paragraphs the most important elements addressed in this analysis.
? Include a separate page of APA-formatted
references. At the minimum, the case study should be included, as well as two
outside references. There should be no items listed in the references that were
not included in the body of the paper as in-text citations.
Must be:
Recieved on or before dealine
Written at Graduate level
Must pass Turnitin
Written in American English
6-8 pages APA with references
Will provide case study docs after handshake

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