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please just complete step three. maybe another page1. Analyze the six paths to creating blue oceans (pp 49-80) as they pertain to your company/product or service (2-4 pages).

2. Determine what can be done (or has been done) to appeal to customer tiers outside your target market (from week 4’s work) .

3. Create a plan incorporating findings from 1 and 2 above (1-2 pages).

4. Draw a new strategy canvas that shows the implementation of your new strategy. You will use information from week 4 (items 2,3,4) as well as this week (items 1, 2, 3).


This paper will be 4-7 pages and will include:

1. An analysis of the six paths to creating Blue Ocean Strategies

2. A plan to address customers outside your target market

3. Draw a new strategy canvas after your new strategy is (or has) been implemented.

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