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Scenario Questions

Scenario—Shawn McClelland

mandatory leadership-training seminar had just been concluded. All of the newly promoted managers at
Scottie’s Sandals had been asked to attend and participate in the two-day
seminar, and Shawn McClelland had been fascinated with what she had learned. She is now reviewing the material she

1. Shawn
recognizes that her power can come from five sources, including all of the
following EXCEPT

a. referent power.
b. reward power.
c. coercive power.
d. mechanistic power.
e. All of the sources of power.

2. Shawn
will develop strong skills in working with her people and also strong ability
in accomplishing the task achieving the goals of Scottie’s Sandals. On the managerial grid, her style will be

a. 1,1.
b. 9,9.
c. 9,1.
d. 1,9.
e. 5,5.

3. Shawn
places maximum value on developing her people and, on Fiedler’s questionnaire
scored as a high LPC leader. The best
situation for her would include all of the following EXCEPT

a. good leader-member relations.
b. high task structure.
c. weak position power.
d. committed and talented employees.
e. All of the above are included.

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