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#4: HRM Application Paper
Using your available resources,
research an article that relates to Human Resource Management in the last five
years. Often, these articles will deal with business ethics, strategic
planning, financial misrepresentation, goals and objectives of the firm,
management style, corporate culture, Sexual Harassment, Total Compensation,
Outsourcing, Rising Costs of Medical Benefits, Workplace Violence, etc.
The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune are excellent sources for these
articles. The article should have been published in the last five
The length of the application papers
is 2 pages, double-spaced, using normal margins and font size.
Typically the paper is 1/2 summary, 1 page application, 1/2 page
reco-mmendation. Please include date of the article and the resource
location. Do not use a cover or cover sheet.
Format of the Application Paper
________________________________________ Date _________________

Title of Article:
Source and Date:

Summary of Article
Here the key points of the article
are retold in our own words. From this summary, I should not need to go
back into the actual article to understand the context in which your
application and recommendations are made.
Application of Terms and Concepts
Here is where you tie the article to
HRM concepts, key points, and business vocabulary. This shows your
understanding of the article within the context of what has been learned in
class. In this section, you will need to explain how the article relates
to specific issues affecting Human Resource Management today. You will need to
describe the specific HRM issue and how it relates to the article subject. Please be sure to CLEARLY label which concept
you are explaining.
Here is where you recommend a future
course of action and why you feel your course of action will work. You
cannot recommend the company continue as it has; you must make future
recommendations such as what you would do next, how and why. It is
recommended that you choose an article where a specific course of action was
taken. For example, let’s assume you choose an article relating to the
Enron Corruption scandal. Enron executives handled the situation in a
specific way. In your recommendation, you would want to outline how you
would have handled the situation differently had you been an executive at
Note: Points will be deducted if the format is not followed

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