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Individual Research PaperThe research paper will be 8-10 double-spaced pages in length, not including cover page,Appendices, and References. This paper will be written according to APA Paper style and becarefully referenced with 8-10 academic references.Note that this is a research paper where you are being asked to avoid all first -person pronouns andpersonal opinion. Your abstract will be included in your page count.The purpose of this paper is to take a human resource management topic or issue and do an in-depthreview of the current literature on this topic. This is a library research paper and you must use at least8-10 different credible sources, not including textbooks.Before your conclusion, you must have a section entitled either “Recommendations for Managers” or“Implications for Managers” where you explain the significance of what you have found for practicingmanagers.Be sure to use credible published sources- and only reliable Internet web sites. Reference your papervery carefully and tightly. Some examples of appropriate source journals include (among others) HRMagazine, Academy of Management Perspectives, Personnel Journal, Fortune, SAM, AdvancedManagement Journal, Journal of Management, HR Focus, Human Resource DevelopmentQuarterly, The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, The Journal of Leadership,Studies, and Organizational Dynamics.Appearance, punctuation, grammar, neatness, and spelling count. This is to be a professional paperto receive full credit. This paper should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference section.This paper should also have appropriate headings and sub-headings in the body of the paper. Besure to use a title page.Write transition sentences between sections so that the reader knows where you are going and why.Academic integrity is of the utmost importance in this term paper. Your paper will be submittedthrough which will document any plagiarism, intentional or unintentional.You will submit the paper to your Instructor in Unit Five who will obtain a report from forreview and grading purposes.Directions for Submission: Before you submit your Individual Final Research Paper you shouldsave your work on your computer in a location that you will remember. Save the document using thenaming convention: Username_Complete_FinalProject.doc

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