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Module 3Choose two theories of motivation to compare. Explain the theories’ concepts and provide examples on how to effectively apply the theories in a working setting. Ensure the application of the theories and consider the multicultural work force. Also discuss how managers would know if the motivation theories being used are having a positive effect on their employees. What are the measures of effectiveness?Module 4Complete the following three assessments individually and then compare your scores with your group. Decide as a group if it is better to be relationship-motivated/concern for people or task-motivated/concern for the task. Is it better to be a transformational or transactional leader? Can a person be a transformational leader sometimes and a transactional leader other times? Is there a continuum for relationship-motivated and relationship-task or is it one or the other? The assessments are:· Least Preferred Co-worker Scale, Assessment 10, page W-42· Leadership Style, Assessment 11, page W-43· “TT” Leadership Style, Assessment 12, page W-44

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