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Question 11. _____ involves looking at all the influences that could affect employee performance in the organization and determining their fit within organizational goals and objectives.AnswerPerformance analysisOperational analysisGoals analysisOrganizational analysisPersonnel analysis4 points Question 21. A competency based approach focuses onAnswerknowledge and skills.attitudes and personality.all characteristics that underlie successful performance.motivational characteristics.4 points Question 31. According to the text, behavioral tests measureAnswersituational reaction.development.skills.learning capability.4 points Question 41. In response to a TNA the decision is to “change the job.” This meansAnswerthere are too many obstacles in the system the way the job is currently set is not occurring in the present set up.there is a KSA deficiency but it is difficult to train.rewards are not tied to high performance.4 points Question 51. Which of the following focuses on an anticipated performance problem in the future?AnswerThe PAQA reactive TNAA proactive TNAWork sampling4 points Question 61. Performance appraisals are almost always completed byAnswerpeers and self.360 degree planning and review.4 points Question 71. The _____ approach to job analysis immediately identifies the KSA’s required for the job.Answertask orientedworker orientedoperational analysisjob-duty-task4 points Question 81. A training needs analysis is conducted whenAnswera setback event occurs.a triggering event occurs.a decision to provide sexual harassment training is made.a deficiency is determined to be a motivational deficiency.4 points Question 91. When an OPG is identified, a/an _____________ should be conducted in order to fully understand the nature of the gap.AnswerJob analysisOperational analysisPerformance evaluationGoal analysis4 points Question 101. The selection process of incumbents in operational analysis should be performed byAnswera supervisor.the manager of the organization.a head hunter.a job analyst.4 points Question 111. Discuss the proactive approach and the reactive approach to TNA.Answer30 points Question 121. Compare reliability and validity.

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