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Question 1 The experiential learning model begins withAnswerA lecturettePracticeA shared experienceNone of the above4 points Question 2 The difference between a dry run and a pilot program isAnswertrainees are at the pilot program to be trained.the dry run is always the whole training program whereas the pilot does not have to be.a pilot is a “first test” whereas the dry run is the “second test.”the main objective of the dry run is to provide trainees with relevant training whereas the pilot program is concerned only with the effectiveness of training.all of the above.4 points Question 3 Which of the following is not listed in the text as a way to obtain and maintain trainees’ interest?AnswerListening and questioningUse of non verbal communicationMoving around while talkingProviding instructionsAll of the above are ways to obtain interest4 points Question 4 The “process” for the developmental phase of the training model isAnswerInstructional strategy.Instructional methodsInstructional equipment and material.All of the above.4 points Question 5 Which of the following seating arrangements is most likely to induce two way communication?AnswerThe classroomThe conferenceThe u shapeThe circleAll of the above4 points Question 6 What is the least expensive and best alternative if you only have a few employees to be trained?AnswerHiring a consultantPurchasing a pre packaged programImplementing and designing your own training programSending trainees to outside seminarsWaiting until you have enough employees who require training, then hiring a consultant4 points Question 7 The experiential learning model, a process for using games and exercises in training, has _____steps.Answerthreefourfiveeight4 points Question 8 Which of the following would be a characteristic of an ideal training room?AnswerThe colors of the walls should be bright and cheerful.A rectangular room is preferred.A room with no windows is preferable.Hardwood floors are preferable.None of the above.4 points Question 9 A _____ is the “first test” of new material designed to be in a training program.Answerpilot programdry rundevelopmentprimary run4 points Question 10 _____ are those “and uh,” “like,” “um” space fillers that are injected into speech.AnswerSerendipitousCapitulationsDeprecationsDysfluencies4 points Question 11 List and give a short explanation of three of the techniques discussed by the authors for maintaining interest in training.Answer30 points Question 12 What is transfer of training and what are the factors that impact transfer of training?

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