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week 6 discussion 1Pick a health and beauty brand and item you use regularly; for example, shampoo, shaving cream, moisturizer, razor blades, etc. Imagine this brand is extending its reach to a new target audience with a new product. Identify this new target audience and then outline the beginnings of a pricing strategy for this new product, by offering specifics instead of generalities about the strategy.In today’s economic climate, retailers are continuously conducting sales in order to get customers in their doors. Analyze the short-term and long-term effects of continuous sales to all stakeholders.Week 6 Discussion 2COLLAPSE”Distribution Channels” Please respond to the following:Imagine you are a brand manager for your favorite food product. You have been challenged with finding a new distribution channel for a product under your brand supervision. Think through how you would approach this challenge and then outline this new distribution channel.From the case study, analyze the distribution channels for Zappos to reveal weaknesses and then recommend how to strengthen the weaknesses.

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