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Week 1 DQ 1What role does the Seven-Lever Model™ play in facilitating organizational alignment?DQ 2Which of these do you see as most challenging for a company? Why?DQ 3How can/does your company use the Seven-Lever Model?Week 2DQsWhat are the surrogate regulators that influence organizations to focus on sustainability?Why are these influential?What are the surrogate regulators at your organization?How do they influence your organizations sustainability?Week 3DQsWhat are the internal and external environmental factors that affect an organizational management system?Which factors create/ created the greatest challenge in planning an EMS at your company?Week 4DQsHow do you develop, implement, and evaluate and EMS?What are the challenges in completing this process?MGT 470 Week 1 Identifying Sustainability Plan EffectPrinceton University has hired you as a consultant to help put a sustainability plan into effect thatfocuses on greenhouse gas.Learner stated major points clearly: supported by specific details, examples, or analysis, and areorganized logically.Resource: a 700- to 1,000-word paper identifying possible effects you would expect to see in thefollowing areas:Overall business strategyMission and visionCulture and valuesOrganizationEnabling technology and processesOrganizational designPeopleTraining and developmentRewards and recognitionBe sure to use at least four sources in your paper and properly cite your references. If you usedan electronic source, include the URL in the reference. The paper must be in APA format andsubmitted as a Word attachment to the assignments link by the assigned due date. Whenevaluating the assignment for word count, I do not consider references or title page contents.Lastly, neither an abstract nor a running header is required for the assignment.MGT 470 Week 2 Green InitiativesChoose a company from the list in the Companies document or one of your choice.Write a 950- to 1,250-word paper. Use data from the company you chose and answer thefollowing questions:What are some green initiatives your company is implementing?Identify what you feel are driving forces behind those initiatives.Has your company implemented International Organization for Standards (ISO) 14000 protocols(set of rules)? TQM? Process improvement? If yes, what is the current benefit or effect they arehaving? If not, what is the potential benefit or effect to the company if they were implemented?Format the paper according to APA standards.MGT 470 Week 3 Environmental FactorsResource: Environmental Aspect MatrixCreate a table and analyze environmental factors that affect EMS planning for the organizationyou chose in Week Two.Write a 700- to 950-word summary that details variables you incorporated in your table.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.MGT 470 Week 4 British Petroleum ISO 14001 CertificationYour team has been hired as consultants by a company and is meeting with the executive board.Preparea 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes thatdescribes the ISO 14001 certification process. Address the following topics:The current state of the organization in relation to ISO 14001 certificationWhere the organization would like to be with regards to ISO 14001 certificationWhat has to happen, including adaptations in processes, for the company to become ISO14001 certified?MGT 470 Wk 5 Transformation PlanCreatea transformation plan using your company.Writea 2,250- to 2,500-word paper that provides a plan for a sustainable organizationand addresses restoration. Explain all elements included in the following outline:IntroductionExplain the role leadership plays in transformation. Include the company’s mission,vision, and values statements. The environmental sustainability plan must be integratedinto these vehicles. One or all of these must include a reference to the company’s beliefs,regarding sustainability, and describe or refer to a stand-alone environmental policy.The environmental management plan details the company’s adoption of an EMS thatultimately leads to ISO 14001 certification. This section must include a description of the planning process, an outline of the EMS, ISO 14001 requirements, and a discussion ofhow the system will be measured.Other considerationsChoose at least one major product from your company and develop the recycling strategyfor that product.Explain the role of total quality related to sustainability.Choose two internal stakeholders and one external stakeholder, and describe the effectyour sustainability plan has on them. What adjustments did you make based on the potential effects? See the stakeholder impact chart for reference.Format the paper according to APA standards.

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