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5. Consider the E-Rdiagram in Figure 7-20. Based on this E-R diagram, answer the followingquestions:a. How many EMPLOYEEScan work on a project?b. What is the degreeof the Used_on relationship?c. Do any associativeentities appear in this diagram? If so, name them.d. How else could theattribute Skill be modeled?e. What attributesmight be attached to the Works_on relationship?f. Could TOOL bemodeled as an associative entity? Why or why not?FIGURE 7-20 E-Rdiagram for Problem and Exercise 5. 16. The owner of twopizza parlors located in adjacent towns wants to computerize and integratesales transactions and inventory management within and between both stores. Thepoint-of-sale component must be easy to use and flexible enough to accommodatea variety of pricing strategies and coupons. The inventory management, whichwill be linked to the point-of-sale component, must also be easy to use andfast. The systems at each store need to be linked so that sales and inventorylevels can be determined instantly for each store and for both stores combined.The owner can allocate $40,000 for hardware and $20,000 for software and musthave the new system operational in three months. Training must be short andeasy. Briefly describe three alternative systems for this situation and explainhow each would meet the requirements and constraints. Are the requirements andconstraints realistic? Why or why not?17. Compare thealternative systems from Problem and Exercise 16 using the weighted approachdemonstrated in Figure 7-19. Which system would you recommend? Why? Wasthe approach taken in this and Problem and Exercise 16 useful even for thisrelatively small system? Why or why not?

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