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I need 10 10 pages without pictures and graphsInternship Project

Create a line for Bank employees both Managers and Clerks to
be launched Fall 2015
The line should consist of minimum of 4 pieces:

Jacket or Blazer
Woven shirt

21 points Part 1

Research 3
important dress designers who have created uniforms. Possible examples are
Armani for the Army; Pucci for the airlines and Stan Herman; In this section
name the designer and the company or institution for whom they created a line.
Why did the designer choose to undertake the project.
Describe the history of the project and the outcome.
Provide pictures of the final products.

Use MLA documented style.

21 points Part 2
Write a research report using MLA documentation style about the
trends for uniform segment or career apparel 2015 in each of the following
appropriate to the fashion season and Bank professionals
and Fabrics best suitable to the project
and needs of employees
for each of the elements in the wardrobe

Use the Berkeley Library
electronic resource “Stylesight” (a professional resource tool) and other on
line resources to identify forecasting trends.

15 points Part 3
sketches or provide pictures for each item in the line in color.

8 points Part 4
Create cost
sheets for each item in the line. (some costing factors for your use are attached.)

25 points Part 4
Write a 3
page double spaced report to the Bank’s Board summarizing your findings and
offering a convincing argument why changing from the current mode of dress to
this uniform collection will benefit the bank. Include research used by other
industries regarding the benefits that occur due to this change in dress. Document
your sources. Tie in to the research from Part 1 on the success of career
uniform by other designers.

10 points The paper must conform to MLA style format,
documenting all facts within the text and providing a works cited. Any cut and
paste or plagiarized information will qualify as a 0.

This is an academic 10
page research paper not including pictures or sketches. You must follow all
the guidelines of MLA format. The library fashion liaison can provide
assistance in the research and writing style.

Cost Estimates for
cost sheets

Price List

Wool blend 59-60” 150cm $5.00 per yard/meter
Poly blend 59-60” 150cm $4.00 per yard/meter
Cottonlow quality knit
or woven 59-60” 150cm $3.00 per yard/meter
Or Blended fabrics
Cotton high quality knit or woven 59-60” 150cm $8.00
per yard/meter
Stretch cottons 59-60”
150cm $5.00 per yard/meter

Labor prices Low
labor Premium labor Est. Yardage
Short sleeve shirt 5.00 12.00 2.5 yds
Long sleeve shirt 8.00 16.00 3 yds
Jacket or blazer 10.00 25.00 4 yds
Skirt 6.00 12.50 2.5 yds
Pant 8.00 14.00 3.5 yds

Via boat $.35
Via air $2.50

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