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Week 3
Week 3 discussion 1
“Good Dictator / Bad General” Please respond to the following:
From both of the e-Activities, determine two (2) factors that make
the “Good Guy/Bad Guy” technique in negotiating highly effective.
Suggest at least two (2) other approaches that negotiators could have
used in the Russian school hostage standoff mentioned in the second
video.Suppose you are looking to purchase a home or a vehicle at a
government sale, and you want to receive the best possible offer from
the seller. Explain fundamental reasons why the early establishment of
the role that “Good Guy Bad Guy” negotiating will play in obtaining the
best possible offer on the home or vehicle you want to purchase is
important. Provide at least two (2) examples of the early establishment
of this role to support your rationale.

Week 3 discussion 2
“Never Mind” Please respond to the following:
Suppose you are a negotiator in a high profile government contract
deal. Assess the power of your position if you were to remove an offer
that you current have on the table. Explain the strength of this gambit,
and provide at least two (2) examples of the gambit in action to
support your rationale.You are experiencing a stalemate in a negotiation with a client on a
price for services that your company is offering to the U.S.
government. Specify the main reasons why you would use a fictitious “bad
guy” gambit in withdrawing an offer from a negotiation. Next, examine
the potential effect(s) that the withdrawal would have on the outcome of
the negotiation. Provide two (2) examples of the potential effects to
support your rationale.

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