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Chef Mel Manske

Career and Technology Lesson • Culinary

1. (00:56) This is a Career and Technology Education Culinary Class. The students are learning how to make Cog AuVin. The teacher’s name is Chef Mel Manske. Listen for the objective of the day.

2. (07:32) You should have heard Chef Manske tell the students they would be using a combination cooking technique by using dry and wet cooking for the chicken.

She also used the term braising. She mentioned that the students had used the braising technique before.

Notice all the cooking vocabulary the Chef used: cross•contamination, potato tourne, Mis en Place (vegetable preparation), braising, fibrous, and more.

Obviously, these terms were previously taught. She has taught the students the language of cooking much like a math teacher or science teacher teaches students the language of math and science respectively. As you continue to watch the video, listen for other terms specific to cooking. Why is it important to learn the language of the subject?

3. (10:21) Take a few minutes to reflect on what Chef Manske has done so far to ensure the students are successful in the lesson. Continue to watch for the various ways she ensures students are successful. Write your responses.

4. (16:55) You should have noticed that Chef Manske has used numerous techniques to help students be successful. What were they? Reflect.

Some of the things you might have noticed are:

The directions were on the board for easy reference.

She reviewed previously taught concepts and vocabulary. She reviewed best practices for keeping everything sanitary.

All materials were organized and set out for easy access. The chickens and bacon were available in the refrigerator.

Students worked in groups thereby better able to problem•solve and help each other. She modeled how to cut a potato tourne when a student was having difficulty.

She has created a culture of respect and support for the students.

Did you see all these? You may have noticed more. If so, reflect here. Great job! Continue to watch how she works to make sure students are successful.

5. (32:51) Chef Manske continued to model for students who were having difficulty cutting the potatoes. Reflect on what you observed.

She used humor and empathy as they struggled. She told stories of her own challenges learning to create potato tournes and continued to provide reassurance and support.

She would not let the students give up and she demonstrated she believed in their success.

6. (32:52) Effective teachers always reflect on the lesson, and lesson outcomes. Listen as the teacher reflects on this lesson, and compare it to the responses you have written on the observation worksheet. Use both the teacher’s reflections and your own observation when writing your overall observational reflection.

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