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Northouse, Chapter 8 Transformational Leadership

For this assignment, your team will do a PowerPoint Presentation on Northouse’s Chapter 8, Transformational Leadership.

Here are the questions you should address?

· What does transformational leadership mean to you?

· What are the important points of this chapter and their significance in your transformational leadership?

· What have you learned from the chapter? Remember, we discussed the following:

· Pseudo-transformational leadership.

· Laissez-faire leadership.

· Management-by-example passive.

· Management-by-example active.

· Contingency reward.

· Transactional leadership.

· Transformational leadership.

· Charismatic leadership.

· How is transformational leadership different from your perception of leadership to this point?

· What do you like about transformational leadership or being a transformational leader? What resonates with you?

· What do you not like about transformational leadership or being a transformational leader?

· What (where) are the strengths of transformational leadership?

· What (where) are the weaknesses of transformational leadership?

· How does your leadership style relate to transformational theory? Are you a transformational leader? Why, or why not? (Hint: Reflect on the five “I”s of transformational leadership).

· How would you use/apply transformational leadership in your life (life at home, life at work, life in your community)?

Please do not just answer the questions. You are expected to add your reflection, thoughts, and opinions on the subject.

Assignment Guidelines

· Minimum three slides per participant. Three to five minutes per participant

· Must be APA7.

· Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.

Due date

· Your team will produce a PowerPoint presentation. The recording will be uploaded as an unlisted file on YouTube.

· The PowerPoint will be uploaded to the assignment Dropbox before 11:55 p.m. on the due date.

· Please check the due date in Moodle and upload this assignment to the appropriate Dropbox..

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