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· Respond to your peer. Consider discussing common background and interests. Compare and contrast your local environmental issue with ones identified by your classmates. Do some common themes emerge?


Hello Everyone,

My name is Melody Dunn, I live in El Paso, Texas, I’m 57 with two kids (17-year-old boy and 24-year-old girl) and was widowed January 5, 2020.  My husband died from of all things a kidney stone blockage that ultimately went into sepsis due to lack of medical care by the doctors.  (Yes, I have a malpractice suit against 3 doctors, satellite ER and main hospital).  My finishing up by BA in Accounting (I tell my kids you are never too old to finish your degree).  I have my own tax preparation and bookkeeping business since opening in 1997.  I quit accounting in 1992 to do something different and I learned to drive a semi over 48 states and Canada (by myself).  I met my ex-husband, who was a truck driver also, and we started our family with our daughter in 1997 and I started my business that caters to the transportation industry.  I met my late husband (in a Yahoo chat room) in 2002 and we got married in 2003 and had our son in 2004.  I truly enjoy being a mom to not only my kids but 11 chihuahuas, (my daughters 2 pit mixes (grand dogs) and a bird and turtle.  I not only run my business but contract my bookkeeping services to a local family run business 4 days a week for 6 hours a day.  I enjoy have many “irons” in the fire.  I intend to graduate next year in 2023 and who knows what I will do after that.  I was recently hired by my dream company (USAA) for a position but ultimately turned it down because of my son and this ongoing lawsuit.  I wasn’t able to move to San Antonio at that time but maybe when everything settles down.

A big environmental issue that I deal with every day as well as my asthmatic 17 year old son, is the air pollution in El Paso, We border Juarez, Mexico and they do not have as tough EPA regulations as Texas, so there is smoking cars that cross the bridge, tires and everything else burning in Mexico that travels through the air to El Paso.    There are many times that we can see out beautiful mountains because of the pollution that has travel across from Juarez.  We have many days that our air quality is very bad, in fact in 2021 we had 126 bad air quality days according to the article I read (see below).  There really isn’t much we can do about the pollution coming from Mexico but us as citizens can try to reduce pollution on our side by not contributing to the pollution by driving less and definitely do not burn trash (we have a city ordinance that we are not allowed to.)




Pskowski, M. (2021, October 25). El Paso had 126 elevated air pollution days in 2020. MSN. Retrieved May 9, 2022, from

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