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1. Respond to your peer. Consider discussing common background and interests. Compare and contrast your local environmental issue with ones identified by your classmates. Do some common themes emerge?


Hi everyone!

I’m Ciara, I’m 26, and I am attending UAGC to get my BA in Early Childhood Education. I intend to become a preschool or kindergarten class. I look forward to this class because I honestly don’t know much about the environment and the kinds of issues, aside from anything covered in major news. Whatever I learn about the environment in this class I can pass it down to my students and start them on the track to being more aware of the environment than I have been.

I live in Noblesville, Indiana and after Googling environmental issues for my city, I found a bunch of articles about the Indiana Transportation Museum mishandling chemicals and other wastes. There were reports of chemical leaks and chemical wastes stored outside being gravely mishandled and not properly contained or taken care of (City of Noblesville, n.d.). The issues are being investigated but they don’t pose an immediate threat.


City of Noblesville. (n.d.) Noblesville launches investigation into chemical spills at Indiana Transportation Museum.;id=6901 (Links to an external site.) 

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