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Analyze and interpret research to frame a current healthcare-related problem using multiple sources.

Research is considered to be the creation of the new knowledge by having the use of the existing knowledge thus helping on creating a more creative way of having the generation of methodologies, concepts, and even way of understanding the concepts which are existing and the newly developed. In any research being conducted, there is the research topic that acts as the focal point for the activities that will be carried out and thus is confined within the activities being carried out (Merviö, 2022). The research proposal gives the light on having genuine research that is being developed and thus having the go-ahead of continuing with the research and also having the general idea on how the proposals which have been made would be improved on their general content. The research problem is the general topic that has been identified as the area of concern which would be needing some improvements to be done on it so that the research processes would be based on solving the issues identified in the recommendations (Walshe & Smith, 2017).

The current healthcare problem which I have identified on this research topic is the cost and the transparency issues in the profession of the healthcare environments whereby they have been noted to be having a major impact on the access to the healthcare services due to high cost and also having issues of transparency (Merviö, 2022). The research will be much focused on understanding the contributing factor to have a higher cost of healthcare services and also having the issues of transparency in the healthcare environments and thus giving some recommendations which will be applied and implemented on helping to solve the issue. In this research, the population will involve will be all ages of people and las having the patients and those that have heard the experiences before such as the elderly so that they can give their side of the reasoning other issues thus helping in developing a better solution based on recommendations given (Holloway & Galvin, 2016).


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