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21CVP309: Low Energy Building Design
21CVP325: Sustainability in the Built Environment 2021/2022
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering Loughborough University


Module Code: CVP309: Low Energy Building Design
CVP325: Sustainability in the Built Environment

Assessment Title: BREEAM Essay
Assessment Type: Essay
Date Due: CVP309: 10am on 3rd of May 2022

CVP325: 10am on 23rd of May 2022

Within 3 weeks
of submission

Method of Submission: Electronic submission to LEARN
Weighting: 20%
Individual or Group: Individual
Word Length: 1,500 (maximum)
Total number of hours expected to be spent on assignment: 18 hours

The topic of this essay is:

Justify the implementation of sustainable development in the built

Outline: the students are requested to examine the benefits of sustainable construction in the built
environment. The students should make reference to how sustainable construction is implemented,
and what will it be like in the future.

Knowledge and Understanding: the student must show comprehension of the implications of the
question and sophisticated understanding of the subject of environmental assessments. Technical
vocabulary, where appropriate, must be accurate and justified.

Cognitive/Intellectual skills: the student must demonstrate the intellectual reason, backed with
appropriate references, of the benefits to the stakeholders of a building assessed by an environment

Argument: the essay must be critical and analytical with a reasoned argument that is logically
structured and well-supported with appropriate references.

Presentation: the essay must be well presented with no grammatical or spelling errors; written in a
fluent and engaging style; exemplary referencing and bibliographic formatting

The BREEAM Essay must be submitted electronically on LEARN before the deadline specified

IMPORTANT: The BREEAM essay must also be uploaded to the BRE online portal.

1. Log on, then access the “BREEAM AG Essay” section of the platform.

2. Select “Essay Submission”

3. Select “Uploads Essay” > “Save Changes” > “Submit Assignment”

4. Tick the declaration to confirm it is your own work.

If you have any questions about the coursework, please email Vanda Dimitriou:
[email protected]

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