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Week 7 Assignment – Development Project (EDU-561 Finance and Funding)

For this assignment, you will analyze one of the following case studies concerning development and fundraising in K-12 or higher education.

Case Studies

For this assignment, you will read the appropriate case study applicable to your educational level and complete the requirements. Choose your case study below:

Case Study #1. Lake Forest City Schools. K-12 School Division

You are the Vice President of development at a Lake Forest City Schools (LFCS). The school district is over 75 years old, with a solid academic reputation and a large, supportive alumni base. However, fundraising has never been a high priority at the school district. The school receives about $250,000 per year in tax donations. Your mission is to build a development staff as well as a fundraising plan to support the growth and challenges facing the school over the next five years.

Write a 3–5-page paper in which you:

Create a development plan to address short-term and long-term strategies. Include the following:

1. Specify how to make immediate improvements to the chosen fundraising program.

What do you intend to use the donations for?

· Detail two initiatives you will execute to convince community members and K-12 parents or institutions of higher education alumni to support your fundraising effort and increase their contributions to the school. 

Explain technological and non-technological ways to approach alumni and encourage them to contribute or increase their contributions to the school.

· Develop a long-term goal to grow the funding.

How will you accomplish this goal?

· Identify two private and public funding entities.

Outline the process for obtaining the funding sources in a table.

Draw a table
 for help with creating a table in Word.

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