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NVivo Installation FAQs

Where can I find NVivo for NCU students?

NCU has provided access to NVivo in NCUOne within University Services Module.

Do I have to pay for the software?

There is no cost for active students to use the software; NVivo is covered by the CMF, or Course
Materials Fee.

I do not see University Services Module on my home page. Where can I find it?

If you do not see University Services Module on your homepage in your My Courses widget, select
View All Courses. You can either search for it or browse the Unpinned courses for University Services

If you would like it to appear on your home page, hover over the course and click on the 3 dots in the
top right-hand corner, then select Pin.

If you are unable to locate University Services Module please contact the Service Desk at (888) 628-
1567 or [email protected]

How do I know which version of NVivo to download?

If you are unsure which version of NVivo is correct for your Windows system, please see this
Microsoft link. Note: NVivo cannot be installed on some devices such as Chromebooks, Surface RT,
Surface 2.

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The file is taking a long time to download.

The compressed NVivo file contains multiple files within and is a fairly large download which will take
longer than usual to complete, depending on internet speeds. Please be patient!

I am being asked to select an app to open the file, what do I do?

If you are asked to select an app (application) to open the zip file, select File Explorer. This is the
native Windows tool for unzipping files.

I can’t find the downloaded file on my computer.

Files that are downloaded default to the Downloads folder on both a Windows and Mac system.

I can’t find the decompressed/unzipped file on my computer.

Mac users: The unzipped files, by default, are placed in the same folder as the original zip file,
typically in the Downloads folder.

Windows users: During the unzip process the option to select a destination was available and our
instructions suggested the Desktop. If you are unable to locate the file on your desktop look in your
Downloads folder as that is the Windows default destination.

What are the requirements for my system to run NVivo?

To view the system requirements for NVivo, please see this link.

Are there instructions for downloading and installing NVivo?

Yes, there are installation instructions available in NCUOne in University Services Module.

I have never used NVivo before, where can I find information on how to use the software?

The NVivo website has resources for users who are new to NVivo, and they can be found here.

I am having trouble with NVivo functionality.

Unfortunately, the NCU Service Desk is unable to support NVivo outside of installation and activation.
However, NVivo does provide support, including self-help resources, which can be found here.

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