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Quick write 2:

I am currently working in a Chinese restaurant. My job is waiter. It’s about packing some take-away food and getting the dish to the right table. Serve the needs of guests while dining. Help customers order food, and give some ordering suggestions to customers who come to the restaurant for the first time. Greet guests at the door, seat them, and ask them what tea and wine they would like to drink after they are seated. Serve tea and drinks to guests. During the epidemic, because the restaurant will formulate some requirements, these requirements also brought some difficulties to my work. For example, the manager requires that everyone must be present during the epidemic to allow guests to enter. But guests will complain that this is an inhumane request. Because I’m in the middle and it’s hard to be happy with both. The restaurant where I work is a Chinese restaurant. There are 5 stores in Vancouver. Mainly make Xiao Long Bao and Shanghai cuisine. Xiao Long Bao attracts many people to come to eat. My immediate supervisor is the restaurant manager. She manages the typography and day-to-day performance of all waiters. Every month she gives us a short meeting about what needs to be improved for the month.

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