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Human Rights and the Rule of Law




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Human rights and the rule of law are two sides of the same coin.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights advances mindfulness and consistence with basic liberties and opportunities through public and global components to work with people in Member States and their regions. Article 1 express that all people are conceived free and approach in pride and privileges. They are supplied with reason and obligation and ought to act towards each other in a feeling of fellowship. (United Nations, 1948).

The rule of law is a governance principle that ensures the integrity of all public and private institutions and organizations, including the United States of America, through criminal regulations that are publicly declared, equally enforced, and that adhere to international human rights norms and standards. Global peace and security, political equality, economic and social success, and the safeguarding of human rights and fundamental freedoms all need regulation. (United Nations. (n.d.).

In my community, there are structures in place to exercise these human rights and ensure that citizens’ rights are not violated. In my study, I have noticed that accountability is the core value in the rule of law. ACLU Human Rights Program (HRP) is one of the few organizations that have been given the mandate to adhere to international human rights laws.

International Court of Justice has played a widespread role in promoting international human rights protection. Social Justice is about working toward the same great society, and part of that is to exercise of public authority, ensuring that individuals are treated with dignity, which is the main purpose of human rights.


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