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ARTS 1A: Group Analysis 7

For this group analysis, consider Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Questions), a mural at The Museum
of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1989-1992).

Address any of the following questions in your discussion post. You do not need to address
more than one question.

– What do you find to be more powerful: the questions asked within this mural or the
visual design of the mural itself? Explain your response by exploring one or more
questions within the mural, or by describing the visual design of the mural in detail.

– Would Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Questions) be as successful if it were smaller and
meant to be displayed indoors? Why or why not?

– If you were to design a red, white, and blue text-based mural, what questions would you

ask? In which language would you ask your questions? Where would you paint your

* * *

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