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Assigned sources: pg (49-79)

Top of Form

Were the performers believable, given the requirements of the play?

If so, how did they seem to accomplish this? If not, what occurred to impair or destroy believability? Cite assigned readings and videos.Bottom of Form


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Do you think these actors were professionally trained?

Cite assigned readings and videos.

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Compare & contrast the characters!

Cite assigned readings and videos.Bottom of Form


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Did the technical abilities of the performers support their work?

[i.e. vocal traits like loudness and articulation, physical traits like appropriate MOVEMENT and natural gesturing: believability of specific actions ( as opposed to general) and relationship to other characters] How so or how not? Review the scene below again. Note the pointers within the video. Cite assigned readings and videos.

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In your ORIGINAL post, did you?

· Discuss and develop this post effectively and thoroughly (100-150 words “C” grade; well-beyond 150 words needed to get more credit)

· Include evidence of reflection and critical thinking (application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation)  

· Include detailed examples

· Include underlined terms: at least 4 (four) terms from 
ACT III: TERMS “On Book” The Play

· Citations from course materials: More than 2(two) parenthetical citations from readings, slides, handouts and videos assigned. See 


·  Discuss each term used thoroughly to show that you fully understand the term and have used it correctly and in the appropriate context.

In your REPLY post, did you?

· Develop your Reply Post to be thoughtful, relevant and on topic (50-75 words to achieve “C” grade; more than 75 words for more credit)

· Illustrate that you have paid attention to peer’s posting,and include evidence of reflection and critical thinking.  

· Avoid “agreement” type of reply essay that consists of a statement of agreement and/or repeating the main points of your peer’s post. You will lose points if you post an “agreement type” post.


Top of Form

Magic If


Super objective

Open/Closed call

Cold reading

Stanislavsky “The Method of Physical Action”



Rhetorical tradition



Science of Applied Aesthetics

Affective memory

Theatre Producer

Production concept

Dress Rehearsal



Technical rehearsal

Given circumstances

Stage picture

Run through


Stage manager


Non-traditional casting

Casting director


Scene work

Quadrants of the stage

Classmate Post

The actors and actress were able to make a believable performance. It was obvious by the way the actors performed that they had exercised Stanislavski’s acting exercise called the 
Magic If. 
The Magic If is an acting exercise which requires the actor to ask, “how would I react if I were in this character’s position” (Quizlet, 2022). These actors obviously used this acting exercise to elicit emotions. Their emotion’s seemed like they were their very own thoughts and feelings which is what makes such a believable performance. Based off just their performance alone, I would think that they are professionally trained actors. Their acting made you feel like that this is their story that they’re enacting. They were able to make it feel personal. Furthermore, they had excellent usage of 
throughout the short clip. One of these instances was when Tony grabbed his wife (1:53) by her arm. He was able to put enough force behind his movement or grip to visually show his frustration, but in all reality, he wasn’t hurting his counterpart. Trained actors should have well trained body mechanics to provide a believable performance without hurting their co-workers. Another sign pointing towards the Actor who played Tony was a professional was the fact that in an interview from ABC News (2010) it was stated, “He has won the Oscars twice for Glory in Training Day.” This alerted me that he has acted in movies before which shows he might be more professionally trained.

               Rose, the wife of Tony, seemed more disheartened and distraught about the affair. Her emotions seemed to be geared more to the fact that she has given her all in the relationship to stay by his side. She feels like she has given up her dreams for him, but she still wanted to be faithful to their marriage. Tony is more so angry that she had the nerve to say that only she has sacrificed things for their relationship. The actors did an amazing job enacting their character’s 
given circumstances
. Each of them was able to channel the human emotions involved with the certain situation. They were acting out a married couple fighting over the husband having an affair. The actor who played Rose was well acquainted with the meaning behind the 
essence of acting. 
 According to Levin (2022), “the essence of acting is the communication of character. What makes a character real is not just what the character says, but how the character says it.” Rose shows that she is angry and distraught through the raising of her voice. Her voice showed passion, suffering, and sorrow in her words. She was able to add emotion to her lines through raising her voice. When Rose pointed at Tony it adds to her accusatory tone. Her gestures and swinging of her arms added to the emotion. It showed how passionate she was about the words she was speaking. Most of us will use gestures as a way of enunciating our words, and she did just that in her performance. It adds more stress behind her words. Also, she made many facial expressions through the video which stressed what she was saying. All of this made for a highly affective play. Their actions, facials, body language, and tone were all used to portray a believable argument.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

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