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In the previous modules, you learned about the significance of communication and training for change implementation. You submitted your course project, a change communication plan, along with an executive letter detailing best practices to sustain the benefits of organizational change. Now, for this last discussion, you will summarize and share your learnings about organizational change from this course.

In your initial post, you should address the following:

Provide an example of a previous situation where you experienced change or were responsible for managing change. This could be either personal or professional.

Based on the change management skills covered in this course, do you think you should have used a different approach for the example you described?

Are there any change management skills you found most relevant to your personal or professional life? How might you apply them moving forward?

Hello Class,

Dealing with change is, in my opinion, a requirement in the workplace. The mission statement may need to change to accommodate a new market segment, or the company may need to pivot. For example, as expertise in customer service, I ensured that the company’s products reached people living in rural areas at a reasonable price. In this case, I was expected to contribute by absorbing new information, thoroughly analyzing it, sharing my thoughts, and genuinely being a valued team member. Organizational change is not easy. The majority of organizational transformations fail. As a result, frontline employees and other stakeholders must be aware of the topics to be captured, the expected levels of rebellion, and other issues that will affect the overall change process.

In my work life, communicating, strategy analysis and planning, and performance management skills will be crucial in sustaining new initiatives and reducing socially regressive incidents inside the branch. I should have handled the change differently based on the change management skills learned in this course. First, I should have identified behaviors among the employees responsible for reactionary procedures. Furthermore, integrity and honesty with change agents may enhance whenever employees are fully informed of their performance associated with behavioral elements (Shah et al., 2017).


Shah, N., Irani, Z., & Sharif, A. (2017). Big Data in an HR Context: Exploring Organizational Change Readiness, Employee Attitudes and Behaviors. Journal of Business Research, 70, 366-378.

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