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You will answer 5 of the 9 questions below. Please submit your midterm via Moodle by 9am (Pacific Time) Thursday May 26, 2022. I will be available via email to answer any questions that you may have. Reminder – 200-250 words per answer.

1. Compare and contrast a work group, team, and self-managing team in terms of power, leadership, decision making, and activities or tasks. Which of the three (Work group, team, self-managing team) do you feel is most effective? Why?

2. What are the five characteristics of successful teams? How have researchers investigated these characteristics? Why have these researchers found different results and how are their results different from one another?

3. Discuss what can be done at the beginning of a team’s life together to set it off to a good start. Discuss how this sets a team off to a good start and why it is important.

4. Explain why group cohesion is important and how to build it. Provide examples.

5. What are the benefits and problems of cooperation? How would you as a leader ensure your team cooperates efficiently?

6. Why is team emotional intelligence important? How can a team leader improve their team’s emotional intelligence?

7. When is conflict good for a team? When is it bad for a team? What can teams do to prepare for conflicts?

8. What is empowerment? What problems does an organization encounter when trying to empower teams? What should an organization do to increase the possibility of success in creating empowerment programs?

9. Compare, contrast and provide examples of consultative, democratic, and consensus decision making in terms of time, quality, and acceptance.

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