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· Complete the assigned reading before participating in discussions.  Your participation points are derived from the depth of your responses. The discussion should be thoughtful, informative, and respectful.

· Initial post(s) must be a minimum of 250 words and peer replies must be a minimum of 150 words (in the body of the post; excludes references).  

· 75% of your posts must be original work/thought processes.  Synthesizing the literature and paraphrasing is acceptable, but more than 25% use of quotes is unacceptable. 

· In-text citations are required in all posts.

· After reading other students’ posts, provide an in-depth comment/reply, or ask/answer questions about the topic under study. Add any new and current information you may have found in your reading and reference accordingly.

Lucille Brown is a nurse manager on a 26-bed critical care unit for a major teaching hospital in New York. She is “relationship- and people-oriented” type manager. Nurse Brown encourages and facilitates group discussion and group decision making. Teamwork is the focus for all projects on her unit, and she provides needed resources to the team. Nurse Brown makes sure that everyone has a role and input into decision making.

· What style of leadership does Nurse Brown seem to exhibit most of the time?

· In what situations may this leadership style be inefficient?

· What type of leadership style do you prefer your supervisor to use? Why do you find that style most appealing?

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