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This is the first deliverable for your Capstone Project. For the Capstone Project, you will complete a Strategic Audit of your company or a company of your choosing. Then, you will align your workforce strategies with the business objectives of the company by completing a strategic HR Plan. In this process, you will include data and benchmarking to ensure results.


Complete the Strategic Audit using Chapter 11 in the Essentials of Strategic Management textbook (
see Appendix 11.C beginning on page 176


). Focus on auditing the items listed in sections I-IV. Your audit will not necessarily contain each of these items, but please consider them when you’re reviewing what will be important for your HR Plan.

Your audit will be an 8- 10-page, APA-cited document that is professionally written so it could be shown to your company’s executive team, or retained for your portfolio. You do not have to write this Strategic Audit in paragraph format. You may choose another professional-looking format. But you must appropriately cite all researched information and include a Reference page at the end.

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