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• Overview of topics on the module

• Exam and exam preparation

• Practice Questions

Module Content

• Lecture 1: Sources of Law

• Lecture 2: Civil and Criminal Law distinguished

• Lecture 3: Contract Law (1)

• Lecture 4: Contract Law (2)

• Lecture 5: Sale of Goods, Consumer protection

• Lecture 6: Law of Torts (1)

• Lecture 7: Law of Torts (2)

• Lecture 8:Agency, Legal persons and Business Ventures

• Lecture 9: Employment Law

• Lecture 10: Intellectual Property Law


• Typed exam

• Please check your timetables carefully for information about date and

• Please ensure that you prepare carefully – revision is very important

• Time management: you have 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete

Exam further
• There will be 7 questions in the examination

• You must choose any 3

• All questions carry equal marks

• There will be a mixture of essay questions and problem questions

• Please ensure that you revise all the topics in your preparation

Exam further
• You can use either OSCOLA or Harvard Referencing Style

• If you use Harvard Referencing Style you must include a bibliography,
otherwise you are exempted to do so. However, as a matter of good
practice it is always better to have a bibliography especially if a
student is wishing to achieve a distinction.

• Harvard Referencing Style is an in-text citation system. Hence, in such
case references will count towards the final word count. This is not
the case with OSCOLA.

Exam word limit

• There is a word limit of 600 words for each question you answer

• This means that there is a total word count of 1,800 words

• A +/- 10% allowance/leeway is recognised (please note there is no
exception to this rule, and if you go beyond or below such limit, you
will be penalised accordingly because we do not read answers beyond
or below the word limit)

Essay and Problem Questions

• Please ensure that you are all familiar with the structure for
answering both kinds of questions.

• This is something we have already addressed in the classes we have

• We will have a look at some sample questions shortly.

Essay Question

The answer to your essay question will have

3 parts. These are:

1.The Introduction,

2.the Middle, and

3.the Conclusion.

Problem Question

I R A C – in a snapshot

1. Identify the Issues

2. Explain the legal Rules

3. Apply the law to the question

4. Conclusion

Sample Questions – Essay Questions

• Distinguish between civil and criminal law and, using examples from
each category, explain how they protect individuals in society.

• Explain why it is important to know the distinction between unilateral
and bilateral contracts. Use case examples to support your answer
and explain the cases in your own words.

• Assess the significance of the decision in the case of Donoghue v
Stephenson (1932). Support your answer by reference to other cases.

Sample Question – Problem Question

• Billy and James are neighbours and good friends also. Billy has been
unwell in hospital for a few weeks. He returns home once he has
recovered and notices that his front and back garden have been
cleaned and maintained. He also notices the windows of the house
have been cleaned. Billy has been informed that it was James who
did all the work.

• When Billy sees James he promises to pay him £200 for the work that
he has carried out. However, a week later Billy says he has changed
his mind about making the payment. Advise James.

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