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Reply to at least one classmate’s original post by using what is called the “sandwich approach reply”; which is as followed:

. Give a positive statement about his/her insight. (1 pt.)

. Give a growth-feedback statement or another point of view (s)he might have missed. (2 pts.)

. Finish with another positive statement about the post (1 pt.)

Reply article:



· List at least two pros and/or two cons of each video. Which video do you think would influence people to better protect themselves and their family and friends from getting skin cancer? Why or Why not? (4 pts.)

Two pros for the video “Dear 16 year old me” was It was informative about melanoma and had real life people talking about instead of just actors. The cons would be its heavy but i’m not sure if you can talk about cancer without it being intense. The other con would be they didn’t necessarily go into detail on how to check yourself. 

Two pros for the video new family rule was it was cute and clever and the way it presented the information was cool by asking what the kids use to protect themselves and then seeing what they do to protect themselves from the UV rays. One negative would be if you don’t have kids or for some reason can’t transfer this over to your own adult life. The only other negative I could even think of would be its kinda slow start. Its like over a minute of them talking before getting to the point.

I think that the video “dear 16 year old me” would have the most influence because it shows you real people that have already lived through it and telling you what they would’ve done differently. Getting advice from people who have had to deal with it the hard way is very persuasive. This video just shows the severity of the situation a little more than the video with the kids which was more of just cute and informational. 

· Provide your reaction to the videos. How did these clips make you feel?  What steps have you taken to protect yourself and/or your family and friends? If you have done nothing what changes could you make? (4 pt.)

My reaction to the first video called dear 16 year old me was that it’s sad that these people had to get cancer and some of them got it so young. I thought it was important and smart for them to reach out to younger people so they can practice some preventive actions or even be able to catch the cancer early. My reaction to the video’s new family rule was that it was cute and informational and clever in the  way the information was presented.

· The FDA issued new Sunscreen labeling rules in the summer of 2011. What are three new rules when it comes to Sunscreen Labeling? (3 pts.) 

Sunscreens will no longer be able to claim to have a specific SPF above 50: The highest category now will be 50+. 

Products will no longer be allowed to be labeled as sun blocks because there is no evidence that they block all the radiation in sunlight

Products also may no longer be labeled “waterproof” or “sweat proof.”


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