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Week 3 Discussion Forum

Akintola Aremu

            A project is an undertaking to create a distinct product or service. Project management is the process of applying knowledge, skill, and other resources to achieve the objectives that have been set for the project. Projects end when those objectives have been met (Lock 2017). 

There are several reasons why projects fail. Scope refers to the pre-set of objectives that need to be met for the project to be successful. In some instances, a client may keep changing the scope of the project or adding on to it. This will ultimately lead to the project falling apart as the project manager cannot keep up with the changes. It is important to determine a timeline for a project in the beginning. If the time needed to complete the project is underestimated it will be hard to meet the project objectives, and it may also lead to shortcuts being taken to complete the project on time, which would likely lead to the project outcome being less than desirable. 

Finally, starting a project without a good allocation of the necessary resources will lead to failure. The cost of a project needs to be determined and the right amount of money allocated to it.  Lack of support from the company’s management will also lead to project failure. There is a great need for risk assessment in the early stages of a project as well as qualified personnel who are well versed in project management and all it entails. Without this, there will be no monitoring and control to make sure the project is progressing as it should.


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