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Breaking the stigma and discrimination associated with depression through public education, improving mental health awareness, and accessibility to care among the adult population in African Community.


Problem Statement

Stigma and discrimination remains a barrier for depressed patients to access the appropriate and professional treatment. Lack of access to care results in the worsening of the symptoms and poor quality of life.



Background and Significance

Depression as a problem affects about 280 million globally

5.0% among them adults, and 5.7% adults older than 60 years.

Depression can lead to suicide, around 700,000 people die by suicide yearly.

Mental illness-related stigma and discrimination create massive barriers to accessing care and receiving quality care outcomes.



Purpose & Aim of Study


Investigate the stigma and discriminations associated with depression and ensure increased awareness of mental health in African community in St Louis area.


Implement public education to help reduce these barriers by 10% in a 6 – month period.

Increase access to safe and quality care for the adult population living with depression in African community.




Research Methodology




Qualitative research method

Primary data sourced from official health institutions


Virtual and face – to- face interviews among Focus Groups

Data Analysis


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