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Adapted from: ACADEMIC RESOURCES CENTER, Saint Joseph College, Revised 2001

It is necessary not only to cite all sources for research papers, but also to make it clear from where and
whom the information came. Signal phrases introduce authors and sources for quoted, paraphrased, or
summarized information. Therefore, they should be used throughout research papers.

2nd and subsequent mentions: call the author by his/her last name and do not mention the source

unless it is a new source by the same author.

Example structures to use:

1. .
4. word) main idea.

Some V e r bs to Use in Signal Ph r ases

Acknowledges Defines Points out
Adds Delineates Posits
Admits Denies Presents
Advances Discloses Proposes
Affirms Discounts Purports
Agrees Disputes Reasons
Alludes Documents Recounts
Argues Explains Reflects
Asserts Expresses Refutes
Attests Extrapolates Reiterates
Characterizes Grants Relates
Chronicles Highlights Remarks
Claims Hypothesizes Replies
Comments Illustrates Reports
Compares Implies Responds
Concludes Indicates Reveals
Concurs Insists States
Confirms Maintains Submits
Contends Narrates Suggests
Contrasts Negates Supports
Creates Notes Theorizes
Declares Observes Writes
Emphasizes Refers Verifies


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