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Marriage Therapist Interview Assignment Instructions


Schedule and conduct an interview with a licensed marriage therapist or mental health professional. Analyze and discuss the merits and limitations of marriage counseling models and methods. The interview should address theological perspectives.


· Summarize and submit a 4-page summary of interview

· Excluding Title Page and References

· Use current APA format

· Incorporate 3 references

· Use scholarly articles published within the last five years

· What is the therapist’s training and educational background, and how long has he or she been working with couples?

· What are the 3 most commonly presented issues that are observed when couples come for counseling?

· What theoretical orientations and/or models are primarily incorporated into the counseling process?

· What are some specific tools and techniques the therapist utilizes in working with couples?

· How does the therapist address/manage couples who are considering separation, divorce, and/or remarriage?

· What role does faith play and how are biblical principles integrated with the counseling process?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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