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This project is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the Learning Environment. 

Part 2 Issues and Resources Presentation.

Part 2: Issues Facing Students and Related Resources Presentation

· Identify at least five issues that are faced by students today that impact achievement

· Identify the developmental impact of each issue on the student and student achievement

· Research and provide resources that are directly related to the issue and are aligned to the developmental goals for students

· Using the presentation tool of your choice, create a presentation (such as powerpoint, Prezi, etc) and submit for evaluation

For this project Part 2, you will be scored according to the 
700.6 Part 2 Rubric
Please review this rubric carefully before beginning and submitting the project.  

You must score at least 32 out of 40 points on Part 2. You may submit up to four times or until you reach a passing score.

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