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Hospitality Companies Research Project


Pick 1 hotel companies, 1 cruise lines and 1 restaurant chains, such as Hyatt, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Denny’s.

Look for the following information:

· Brands- list them and describe who the target market would be, for example business person, families etc.

· The category they are in, for instance luxury, budget etc.

· Where the headquarters is

· How many hotels, rooms, ships and restaurants does the company own

· Any special promotions being offered

· Any presence in Miami, if so where?

· What countries are they in.

· List a position you would like

· List any management trainee programs or college programs they might have

· List any tuition reimbursement program they might have

You can find the information from their web pages.  The web pages are listed at the end of the corresponding chapters under internet sites.

There are also web sites from associations which feature news articles on major companies.  Look for the search link in each one.  a couple of examples are:

Hotel Online

National Restaurant Association

You might have to sign up in order to access any information.

You can also go the books’ link for web resources: 
American Hotel & Lodging Association

Due date: check calendar

Note: Many companies have a lot of information under: about us, investor information, and corporate information in their web page.  You can use google, wikepedia, associations like the ones listed above.

Writing instructions:

Use Powerpoint for your presentation. Under notes write commentaries as if you were making a live presentation.  Count on about 7-9 slides per company and 21-27 slides total.

Example of plan (not to be copied)  
Hospitality Research Project example.ppt
Hospitality Research Project example.ppt – Alternative Formats
  Note: this example is missing the portion on job postings, and management training programs.

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