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Excel 1st part

Rachel and Tom Baker are your friends with whom you have attended the same Bible study for several years. You are a mortgage originator for the XYZ Mortgage Brokerage, Inc., and the Bakers have come to you for advice concerning the possibility of refinancing their existing mortgage. Their current 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage was originally issued for $300,000 at a rate of 6.000%. They have owned their home for 15 years and their current mortgage balance is $213,150. You have identified the following mortgage options for the Bakers:

• 30-Year Fixed-Rate; 5.125%; $1,000 cash required at closing
• 15-Year Fixed-Rate; 4.500%; $5,000 cash required at closing
• 5/1 ARM; 4.375% (2% cap per year; 10% life); $4,500 cash required at closing
The owner of XYZ has been particularly vocal about the need to maximize profits for the firm given the continued lag in the real estate market. Your firm stands to collect the following fees (including fees paid by the mortgage lender directly to your company) associated with each of the mortgage options, as follows:
• 30-Year Fixed-Rate – $4,000
• 15-Year Fixed-Rate – $3,750
• 5/1 ARM – $4,250

As a principled Christian, you are guided by your desire to provide excellent service to your customers but, of course, you must also make money for your employer and yourself (your salary is 100% commission-based). In reviewing the Bakers’ financial situation, you find that their credit ratings are very high and that they are well qualified to refinance their mortgage at
the most favorable rates available.

APA-formatted, MS Word document: below

Analyze the risk-return trade-off for each option and justify your advice with financial
calculations, as well as, logical, ethical, and Biblical considerations.
What advice will you give to the Bakers concerning their interest in refinancing their
existing mortgage? Explain your recommendation.

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