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There are some issues in regards to how this paper was formatted that really affected your score. 

– The paper did not follow any APA format whatsoever

– Needs to have an introduction if leading with an abstract otherwise it should be an executive summary

– Don’t lead with “In this section I will…” as it should be implied based off the title of your section. Your words should illustrate what you are trying to show the reader

– There are an awful amount of lists and bullet points in your paper it looked more like how a slide would be in a power point than a graduate school paper. 

– You need to put quotations in your paper if you are listing references. It is extremely hard to decifer your voice from text you are using. 

– Paragraphs are extremely fragmented and hard to follow.

While I am giving you this grade now, if you wish to make some edits and resubmit I can readdress your grade. Let me know

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