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Expectations: BA 346 – Strategic Planning

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(other times can be requested in advance via email).

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This document will outline the Professor’s expectations required for the successful completion of this

course. While you will receive a slightly different experience in each of your classes at Voorhees College,

based on my style of teaching, there are some general guidelines I would like to go over with you so that

you will have a consistent experience throughout this course.

Forum Topic Activities

• Etiquette (Netiquette) – I am committed to providing open, frank, yet civil dialogue in the forum

topic discussions. To achieve this, students should abide by the following guidelines:

o Never post, transmit or distribute content that is known to be illegal

o Avoid harassing, threatening, or embarrassing fellow learners

o Avoid language that is: harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, or sexually


o If you provide information/facts in your post that is from another source, I encourage you to

cite a source. While not necessary, this practice would make it easier for those reading your

post to locate the source for personal reference. PLEASE NOTE: APA format does not have

to be used for citing sources in a discussion post. Points will not be deducted if the citation

is not in APA format.

o The original discussion post for each specific topic should be a minimum of 250 words unless

a more significant number of words is specified in the actual forum discussion instruction. If

it is apparent there is no substantive evidence or content that contributes to the discussion,

regardless of word count, reduced points will be awarded. Original discussions posted after

midnight Thursday evening will receive reduced credit for the late posting. Original

discussions posted after midnight Sunday evening will receive zero credit.

o If the number of responses is not specified, a minimum of two, posted are required. Further,

a response post to a fellow student or the instructor should be a minimum of 150 words

unless more words are specified in the forum discussion instructions.

o If a student neglects to respond to a professor’s follow-up posted question(s) or query for

additional information to a student’s forum discussion post, there will be a reduction of

points in the participation category.

o For maximum credit on participation level for a forum discussion, the original post and at

least the prescribed number or more response posts must be posted during the week.

Expectations: BA 346 – Strategic Planning

Written Assignments and Case Studies

• All written assignments are to be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, in APA style.

APA style means there must be a cover page on the assignment. Also, the cover page must have the

following features: o A “Running head:” (label in the upper left-hand corner) followed by a running head

title (in the upper left-hand corner). Please see the example below:

o Running head: CASE STUDY 1

o A title for the assignment that is not more than 12 words.

o Student’s name

o Course Title & number (BA 346 A – Strategic Planning)

o Institutional affiliation (Department of Business & Entrepreneurship)

o Assignment Date

o Professor’s name (Katherine Whitaker, DBA)

Please note – the running head title without the running head label should appear on all subsequent

pages following the cover page in a submitted written assignment.

• Academic honesty is highly valued. Always submit work that represents your original words or ideas.

If any words or concepts used in a class posting or assignment submission do not represent your

original words or ideas, you must cite all relevant sources in APA format and make clear the extent

to which such sources were used.

• Most plagiarism issues are unintended. For example, a student forgets to put quotation marks

around a direct quote or paraphrases research without adding a reference citation. The

consequences of plagiarism, however, do not decipher unintended from deliberate practice. Please

have a working knowledge of how to reference others in your written work, including knowing the

differences between quoting, paraphrasing, and synthesizing.

• The APA Manual1 will be used by the professor to cite all format discrepancies that are noted in a

graded assignment. Twenty percent of your overall grade on a written assignment will be based on

APA format and reference list.

• One must provide a textual citation using the APA author-date system format and also provide a

reference listing at the end of a written assignment if you use the ideas or directly quote other

authors. That also includes the definition of words.

• Using just the web address to cite a source does not provide a reader with all the information

needed. Nevertheless, it is also not proper APA format. APA format is how you communicate in

writing to cohorts that are human service professionals.

The specific reference source that will be used for grading APA format is The APA Manual (2010).

Publication manual of the American psychological association (6th Ed.). Washington, D.C: American

Psychological Association

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