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ENG 2322

College of Professional Studies

Project #3
Oral History/Interview

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve already learned about primary and secondary research and to take it a step further: You will explore a discourse community with which you are unfamiliar, learn as much as you can through secondary research, and conduct an oral history interview in order to fill gaps in your knowledge. Here is a brief outline of your research journey:

  • Choose a discourse community. Please choose a community with which you are unfamiliar and would like to learn more about.
  • Develop a research question. What questions do you still have about the community? Narrow your focus by synthesizing your research (see next bullet point).
  • Research your community via secondary sources (you will need at least five for your synthesis matrix). This may include scholarly or non-scholarly sources, including a local history museum or historical society. It is important to stay cognizant of which sources will be helpful to you in learning about your community and why. Additionally, record a running list of questions about the community as your research.
  • Conduct 30-minute
    interview. The person you interview must be willing to be audio recorded. In preparation for the interview, you will develop interview questions (these are different from your research question) and acquire audio recording equipment (If you have a smart phone, you can download a free app called “Otter.”) See also the following resources:
  • 5 Best Audio Recording Apps for Android
  • Audio recording apps for iPhone
  • Blackboard will accept the following file types for audio: Audio: AIFF, MP3, MIDI, MP, WAV, and WMA.
  • Remember: you need to get a signed consent form from the participant prior to completing the interview. See Blackboard for a consent form you must adapt for your use.
  • Write a five- to six-page
    essay that profiles the discourse community you have chosen to research. It must include at least five sources (one primary (i.e., interview) and four secondary). It must include an abstract and cover page that do not count towards the page count.

The purpose of this assignment is multifaceted: (1) To develop your understanding of discourse communities by analyzing both explicit and implicit manifestations of culture within a discourse community with which you are unfamiliar. (2) Build upon prior knowledge of primary research to include conducting interviews. (3) Reflect on how inquiry contributes to a life of significance and worth. (4) Reinforce prior knowledge of locating and synthesizing secondary sources.

Project #3 Essay Rubric


The author wrote an essay that meets the assignment criteria in terms of subject matter. The ideas presented are on topic and are appropriate for the assignment.


Introduction: The author captured the reader’s attention and provided enough information for the reader to understand the thesis statement.


The author crafted a thesis/claim (which is underlined) in response to the assignment and it was appropriately placed.


The author provided necessary background information and/or explained specialized terminology.


Each body paragraph was well developed and supported the topic sentence; the author provided both relevant and adequate support for the thesis.


Overall, did the author make a connection between the thesis, topic sentences, and examples/proof in the essay?


The author effectively wrapped up the essay and restated the thesis in the conclusion.



The APA References page was formatted correctly and included the required number of sources.


The essay contained several well-chosen in-text citations (direct quote, paraphrase, or summary) that adhered to APA guidelines (including signal phrase, quotation marks, quoted material, and parenthetical citation).


The essay was formatted according to APA guidelines. It must include an abstract and cover page that do not count towards the page count (5-6 pages of text plus cover page and abstract total).



The essay met the length requirement – five- to six-page essay with at least five sources (one primary (i.e., interview) and four secondary)..


The essay was carefully proofread and edited.


The author crafted a compelling and appropriate title for the essay.



___ /100

x 1.5


___ /150

Writing Instructions

Save your documents with your “Last Name Assignment Title” (EX: Smith Project 3).

Assignments must use APA document formatting and citations, including your full name, the course number, and the assignment title in the upper-left corner; title page, abstract, page numbers; and a title. See the following APA sample essay:

Assignments must fulfill all requirements and be proofread to be graded.

  • Rough and final drafts must have at least five pages of double-spaced essay text. (cover and abstract not included in five pages count).
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