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–>Proposed Topic:

Briefly discuss a proposed topic in your discipline. For the Proposed Topic, please present a succinct description of your dissertation research focus.

Be as specific as possible and cite the current scholarship that has noted the research focus as an area of needed inquiry.

–>What methodology are you planning to use?




–>What is the population you would like to address? Where will you select your sample from?

Quantitative studies should include a sample selected from a large population across multiple schools,

districts, or organizations. Describe the target population for your study. This involves the representative

population for the individuals you plan to recruit for the study. Include an approximate size of this target

population. This can typically be found using a resource such as the U.S. BLS. Then follow with a description

of the location of your recruitment site, meaning the specific organization, social media group, or site(s)

where you will recruit this target population as study participants. Note. For studies that involve no live

subjects, you will describe the location from where you will gather the archival raw data for your study.

–>Theoretical Framework/Background

What theories covered in the program are associated with your topic?

You likely reviewed many theories within your discipline across your doctoral coursework. Here, you will

choose theories (1, 2, or maybe 3) that will serve as the lens to view your research focus. Consult your

Professor/Chair for guidance, and then list the theory or theories that will comprise the theoretical lens

for the study. Follow with a description of how and why the theory or theories are best to use as the study’s theoretical foundation.

–> Describe the connection of the topic to the program goals and courses.

How is your topic connected to specific goals in your program(Information Technology)? Refer to the Graduate Catalog for your program’s goals.

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