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Business Ethics
Summer 2022 (1)
Week 1, Lecture 1

Chaeyoung Paek

Meet your instructor!

Chaeyoung Paek; you can call me by my first name, Chaeyoung.

(Here’s how you can pronounce my first name: it consists of two parts, CHAE and YOUNG. The first part is pronounced like ‘che’ in ‘cherry’!)

I’m a philosophy PhD candidate at UMass.

My primary areas of interest are philosophy of action, metaphysics, and philosophy of art.

I’m from South Korea; I came to the US to pursue a PhD degree here at UMass!

About the course

We’ll read the syllabus together.

The syllabus is up on the course Blackboard page.

Then I’ll show you how to navigate the course Blackboard page.

Suggested weekly schedule

Lecture materials (lecture videos/slides/in-class activities) will be updated every Wednesday.

Each week will consist with three parts: for each part, you need to do the reading, watch the lecture video, and do the in-class activity (if there is one for that lecture).

This week has no weekly assignment, but there is one due by May 26th. All weekly assignments are due by the end of Wednesday.

I’ve set up due dates for weekly assignments so you’d be motivated to watch the lecture videos and study (at least a little bit) every week.

Suggested weekly schedule

Here’s how I would study for this course, if I were you:

I’ll do the reading and complete the weekly assignment every Monday-Tuesday for the next week’s course material (e.g., I’ll do the readings for Week 2 & do the weekly assignment #1 this weekend!)

Then every Wednesday morning, I’ll check the course Blackboard page for the new materials.

I’ll start watching the lecture videos and do the in-class activities (if there are) on that very day; at the latest, I won’t try to procrastinate until the weekend comes.

… And repeat the process every week until the end of the semester comes!

The slides will be up on the Blackboard too; so you don’t need to try to take notes of everything while watching the lectures.

For the next class…

Read Rachels, “Some Basic Points about Arguments.”

Respond to the “Welcome to the class” questions on the “Q&A” forum.

This is for me to understand you better and accommodate your situation better throughout this semester.

So respond as soon & honestly as possible!

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